There has been 3 major revolutions in movie making history. The change from silent film to sound, from black & white to color, and from 35mm film to digital cinema. The change from silent to sound took a simple change to the film and a relatively inexpensive change for the theater. To add color to films took nothing at all for the theater owners. However the conversion from conventional 35mm film to digital will require completely new and different visual and sound systems which comes at great expense to theater owners. The Hollywood studios have vowed to help with this expense, however the model being used for this assistance greatly helps large town multiplexes and does far less for the small town independent cinemas. Unfortunately this leaves much of the expense to the individual theater owners.

With the high cost of switching from film to digital cinema, an opportunity has been presented to us to try and raise some of the funds needed for this conversion. The current film format will begin to be phased out as of fall 2012. At that time we will no longer be able to bring the newest movies to our local community. And within 1-2 years there will be no films available for us to show. This conversion will allow us to not only continue to bring the newest movies to our community, but will allow us to expand to play other types of movies that otherwise wouldn’t be available to us. We would be able to play more independent films, show alternative content such as live concerts and shows, play 3D movies, and also make some much needed updates to the theater.

“Friends of Bonham” is a group that has been headed up by our own Ellen Paulson. All funds raised will go directly to funding this conversion. There are several different packages available giving various deals and discounts, making a perfect gift for any occasion. All Packages give you one of our refillable cups, an “FOB” t-shirt, and a coupon of your choice. An added bonus is that if you wear the t-shirt when coming to the movies, you’ll receive a $1 discount off of your ticket for as long as you have the shirt.

For more information on these great packages, just visit the store and our helpful staff can give you the details. Don’t miss out on these great deals. Hope to see you soon and thank you for supporting your local businesses.